Celtic Horse Jewelry: Sterling Silver Three Horse Circle Brooch

Three Horse Circle BroochYou don’t have to be Irish to love a horse, but oh, good God, it helps.

Celtic horse jewelry is so amazingly beautiful. Much of traditional Celtic design, dating right on back to the medieval Book of Kells, centers around intricately designed, interwoven patterns. Loops and lines combine in Celtic knotwork.

This Sterling Silver Three Horse Circle Brooch evokes the look of knotwork with the way the horses’ legs are portrayed. Check out how finely rendered the legs actually are: this jewelry was created by someone who knows horses. The manes and tails are so realistic, with a natural energy.

This balanced, harmonious design works well everywhere. You can wear this sterling silver horse brooch on a blazer or jacket: the luster of sterling silver looks especially sumptuous against black or navy. It also looks great paired with casual wear. Try it with soft textures behind it: you’ll be amazed at how well it works.

The sterling silver three horse circle brooch is 1 3/8″ inch across – a nice size. It makes a statement without being too heavy. We’ve priced this lovely piece of Sterling Silver horse jewelry at a very budget-friendly $72 because so many of our customers buy multiple copies. Sisters buy this brooch for their sisters, friends for each other – one member of a Celtic folk music group bought one for everyone she sang with. It’s a lovely piece to choose when you’re thinking about the people you treasure the  most, the folks you have a really special bond with. What a beautiful way to show them you care.

Gift giving isn’t really a traditional part of most St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but with the holiday right around the corner, wouldn’t you like to surprise someone who makes you smile? The Celtic Three Horse Circle Brooch is a great gift idea.


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