Beautiful Horse Jewelry

The president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, has announced that the state will be holding a Horse Beauty Pageant. The pageant is designed to celebrate Turkmenistan’s native horse breeds. Turkmenistan was home to the Turkoman horse, now extinct, which was very similar to the Arabian. They were known for a proud and graceful gait. Today’s Akhal-Tekke is descended from those Turkoman horse lines. The president himself will bestow the owner of the winning horse with the Grand Prize while the horse will receive the title of the Most Beautiful Race Horse of the Year.

In addition to the Horse Beauty pageant, Turkmenistan will be holding a national competition for carpet makers, jewelry makers, and sculptors.  Each group of artists are being encouraged to embody the horse’s beauty into art.

We can’t wait to see the entries, particularly where the jewelry makers are concerned. Great horse jewelry is all about capturing the beauty of horses, their grace, their passion, their majesty and power.

Cameo Horse Jewelry

When you buy horse jewelry for yourself – or as a gift for your sweetheart, as Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! – you want to choose only those pieces that you find personally beautiful.  A piece of horse jewelry must speak to you. You must enjoy looking at it, wearing it, and having it be part of your horse jewelry collection.

This beautiful double horse head cameo necklace certainly qualifies on every level. Carved from Italian agate,the necklace features hues ranging from deep navy blue to pure white.  Graceful and elegant, the pendant features a bit of whimsy: the flowing manes evoke an almost magical, otherworldly sense to the piece.  A delicate twisted wire bezel of 14K gold surrounds the pair. Great for horse lovers of every age, and absolutely romantic. The fine features, especially the pointed ears, of the horses reminds us of the Akhal-Tekke, and we’re absolutely sure that the judges in Turkmenistan would love this pendant.  How about you?


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